CERDS is established for the following objectives: 

1. To educate people and make them conscious and concerned about self-reliance, social justice and co-operation, so that they may be prepared and equipped to work out for themselves and for others and keeping in further with their own human dignity and destiny. 
2. To help, devise schemes and projects and help to execute them which will assist the country towards elimination of poverty and misery. 
3. To promote all types of activities that are aimed at the integral development of persons and communities. 
4. To channelize the energies of our people towards constructive national work in the social, educational and cultural fields in co-operation with Government wherever feasible. 
5. To defuse useful knowledge such as social, spiritual and economical life of the country and the children become good citizens of the country. 
6. To study and conduct Research on Social, Civic, Arts, Literature, Science, Cultural, economic aspects of the Rural Communities and promote them.