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Child Education:

*    Provision of Uniforms, Dining, Study and Sports Material especially for 

      Disabled and Orphans

  Promotion of Child-care centres

*    Support of Nutrition food

*    School Health Programmes

*    Promotion of School Sanitary toilets


    Women Development

*    Awareness Generation Campaigns on Women rights & Health issues

   Training camps on Leadership Qualities and Government Welfare programmes

*    Micro-Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

*    Exposure Visits

   Linkages with Government Programmes

    Drinking Water

*    Installation of Bore wells / Open wells / Reverse Osmosis Plants

*    Awareness Generation Campaigns on Usage of Water Source

 Training camps to community leaders on Water Management and Conservation





   Awareness Generation Campaigns on Health and Hygiene  Practices

*    Conducting of Health Education and Medical Camps

*    Support of Sanitary Toilet Facilities for Disabled Women & Children

*    Promotion of Household Sanitary Toilets

*    Nutrition support to HIV/Aids infected and Disabled  people

    Sustainable Agricultural Practices

*       Training Programmes to Farmers on IPM / IDM Practices

*       Promotion of Farmers Clubs

*       Promotion of Organic cultivation and Vermi-compost units

*       Conducting of Farmers Field Schools

*       Distribution of Tarpaulins sheets

Livelihood Promotion


*     Feasibility Studies

*     Livelihoods identification

*     Training programmes on Govt. Programmes

*     Milch Animals to Widows

*     Fishing Nets to Tribal Fishermen

*     Linkage with Govt./ Bank / Financial Institutions

       Vocational Skill Training

*      Conducting of Skill Training Programmes to un-employed youth

*       Distribution of Sewing Machines to women

*       Job placement with local / non local Institutions


Youth Welfare Programmes


*       Distribution of Sports and Games Material

*       Conducting of Sports and Games Competitions

*       Leadership and Skill Development Trainings

*       Exposure Visits

*       Occasional Celebrations

    Disaster Preparedness

*       Awareness Generation Campaigns on Pre-Disaster and Post -Disaster Management

*      Provision of relief material (water, food, vessels, cloths, medicines, shelter material etc) for the victims.

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